Invitation from the Course Director

Dear Fellow Program Directors:

Bring the Graduate Registered Nurse Anesthetist Certification Review Course to your educational institution!

Hello! My name is Sandy Ouellette, CRNA, and Course Director of Dannemiller’s GRNA Review Course for graduate nurse anesthetists.

For more than 30 years, thousands of CRNAs have relied on Dannemiller’s Nurse Anesthetist Review and Update Program to obtain continuing education credits, and NOW we’re proud to share that long heritage with student nurse anesthetists.

As Course Director, I have taken great care in designing this GRNA Review Course, concentrating on components that are of most importance to the nurse anesthetist. The three-day, 24-hour course is organized according to the Council on Certification’s published content outline and is divided into two parts. This two-part program design makes it easier and more intuitive for the student preparing for the examination.

Part I: The first portion of the review course emphasizes relevant concepts and key points the student will be expected to know, such as basic science; basic and advanced principles; and pharmacology.

Part II: The second portion of the review course provides an intense review of the hands-on applications that are essential to the nurse anesthetist’s job, such as monitoring and also addresses specialty areas and challenges particular to the field of nurse anesthesia.

In addition, after completion of the review course, Dannemiller provides participants with unlimited online access to our Certification Coach™ for six months. The Certification Coach™ represents a vast electronic bank of test items for the student’s continued review at their own pace.

Thank you for choosing Dannemiller for your educational needs. GRNAs are the future of nurse anesthesia and we applaud them and your institution for efforts to be the best in the field.


Sandra M. Ouellette

Sandra M. Ouellette, CRNA, M.Ed, FAAN
President, R&S Ouellette, Inc.
Immediate Past Present, International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists.

Meet Our Faculty

[ course director photo ]

Sandra Ouellette, CRNA, MED, FAAN
President, R&S Ouellette, Inc.
President, International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists

Mary Photo

Mary Karlet, CRNA, PhD
Director, Nurse Anesthesia Program
Samford University
Birmingham, Alabama

Nancy Photo

Nancy Bruton-Maree, CRNA, MS
Director, Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia
Raleigh, North Carolina

For more review course information, please contact:
Maria Courtney
210-641-8311 X105 or 800-328-2308